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Software Engineer with more than ten years of experience. Focused on Android development for the last 5 (since API 14). Currently located in Berlin.

Open for freelancing and full time positions, both in Berlin or remotely.

I’ve worked in different B2B industries: Telecomunications, Gaming and Multimedia. Currently I am working in B2C, building a social app for consumers.

As part of my job, I am also technical blogger and speaker. My articles have been featured in Android Weekly, Kotlin Weekly and The Practical Dev.

Specialized In

Professional Experience

Since 2016 Lead Android Engineer (Good Hood GmbH)
2012-2015 Technical Team Lead Mobile castLabs GmbH
2009-2011 Software Engineer Win Systems Intl
2006-2008 Software Engineer W-Onesys S.L.

Formal Education

2010-2011 Project Management Master of Schience (Msc)
2002-2008 Computer Science Bachellor and Master

Notable Open Source Projects & Contributions

Community & Volunteering

Since 2016 I am part of the Google Developers Group organizers team in Berlin. Since then, I've been hosting workshops as part of the Women Techmakers activities twice a month to teach Android development to beginners. Our events have a strong focus on being inclusive and help those who did not have the opportuniy to start a carreer in IT.

As part of the Google Developers Group, I've been organizer of the DevFest, a community conference with international speakers on Google technologies.

Passion for coding

I consider myself lucky for having a profession that is as well one of my hobbies. I enjoy attending to tech conferences, reading and writing blog posts and learning new things through personal projects.

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