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Freelance Android Developer with more than a decade of professional experience. Doing Android development since 2012. Currently located in Berlin.

I am also a technical blogger and speaker. I’ve been speaker at international conferences like DroidKaigi and Chicago Roboto. And my articles have been featured in ProAndroidDev, Android Weekly and Kotlin Weekly.

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Professional Experience

From 2018 Freelance Android Developer
2016-2018 Lead Android Engineer (Good Hood GmbH)
2012-2015 Technical Team Lead Mobile castLabs GmbH
2009-2011 Software Engineer Win Systems Intl
2006-2008 Software Engineer W-Onesys S.L.

Formal Education and Certifications

2018 Deep Learning Udacity Nanodegree
2010-2011 Project Management Master of Science (MSc)
2002-2008 Computer Science Bachellor and Master (MSc)

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