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I’m a Freelance Android Developer based in Berlin, Germany. I am skilled at building native apps for Android. I am passionate about mobile development, programming languages and machine learning, and also about sharing knowledge and building communities.

My Expertise

I’ve been a developer since 2006, when I got my first job as a Java developer, and I’ve been working with Android since 2012. In the past, I have also worked with embedded systems in C, I’ve created games in C++, management tools in C# and iOS apps with Objective-C. Check my projects here.

As a mobile developer, I’ve been creating apps and libraries for seven years and I am still enjoying it, specially since Kotlin came out. As well, I’ve been experimenting with Flutter, a new framework to build high-performant hybrid applications that run both on Android and iOS.

In the latest years, I’ve also been learning Machine Learning and Neural Networks, with special focus on practical approaches for mobile devices.

And last but not least, I love teaching. I am a public speaker and also blog author. I have spoken at conferences worldwide and my articles have helped thousands of developers understand complex concepts. I am currently preparing a course on Pluralsight. I’d be more than happy to help your team improve with workshops and seminars.

My way of working

I believe that communication is the most important skill that developers should have and I reflect that in my way of building things: well documented code, easy to read and easy to maintain. I am always happy to answer questions and collaborate even remotely.

Work with me!

Sounds good? Then let’s work together! Send me an email to Recruiters are also welcome to contact me.

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