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My career as software developer started a bit before graduating from Computer Science, when I took an internship in a telecom technology provider which extended for a couple of years as a full time job. Then in 2008 I graduated from the Universitat Polit├ęcnica de Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain. Later on, while pursuing my career as a developer, I took a masters degree in project management at the Universitat Ramon Llull "La Salle" also in Barcelona.

Some years later, in 2012, I moved to Berlin, Germany, looking for interesting projects and great work opportunities. After working on different Start-Ups, I found my passion in mobile development, building Android native applications. I quickly became interested in the rest of the mobile ecosystem and started building apps also for iOS and using cross platform solutions like Flutter.

In 2018 I figured out that full time employment was not for me and that I am happier working as a freelance independent consultant. Since then, I worked for a bunch of different clients, from early stage start-ups in incognito mode to large corporations like Google.

Why Choose Me

My mixed experience in technologies, and my predisposition to learn new things, makes me a very flexible software engineer capable of facing new challenges. My experience in project management makes me a well organized and highly communicative team member.

What You Get

More than a decade of experience building software, from backend services to mobile clients. With a lot of care in following good engineering practices: Clean Architecture, Testing and Continuous Integration.

Learn With Me

As content creator and mentor, I can help your team to learn new technologies and be up to date with the current best coding practices via webminars and workshops.


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