Code Cafeteria - 1 - Developer Communities

Saturday, Jan 4, 2020| Tags: podcast, codecafeteria

In this episode we’re talking about developer communities.

We’re starting off by trying to define what different types and categories of communities there are. It’s quite interesting how many different angles there are to look at communities from: online vs. offline, people- or technology-centric, vendor-driven and many others.

All three of us have been part of different communities over time and we talk a bit about how each of us got involved with developer communities in the wider sense and what we currently do.

In a lot of ways, developer communities reflect life outside the tech industry and it’s important to be aware of that. While you might meet like-minded people and make friends you will also have to deal with different opinions and people who you don’t get along with: that’s ok. We discuss some different ideas on how communities can manage this through moderation, code of conducts and in some instances being invitation-only.

To close the episode we provide some guidelines for interested listeners to find and join existing communities.

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