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Development of a multiplatform modular Video Player SDK for Android and iOS. Main features include Adaptive Streaming playback with MPEG-DASH, HLS and Smooth Streaming, AVC(h264) and HEVC(H265) video decoding, surround audio support with DTS and Dolby technology and content protection with DRM using OMA and Widevine Modular.

Common components of the player were in C++ and could be used on any platform, including Android and iOS. Platform specific parts were developed using the platforms API and languages, which was Java for Android and Obj-C for iOS. This project used NDK (Native Development Kit) and JNI (Java Native Interface) for the multiplatform components in Android.

The project incorporated Google’s ExoPlayer in 2015.


The projects has milions of users worldwide though the apps of VUDU, MUBI, Primetime and other castLabs customers.


As the Technical Team Lead on Mobile, I was in charge of overseeing all the project development and implementing key components for both Android and iOS platforms. I managed a team of six developers on both platforms and was the point of contact for our customers.


The project started circa 2012 and is still under development with the name of PRESTOplay. I left the project in 2015.

castLabs GmbH
2012 to 2015
Multiplatform Video Player SDK
Berlin, Germany


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