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Since starting on my journey with Cupid Media Pty Ltd in 2020, I have served as Flutter contractor, playing a key role in the development of their Flutter applications.

Cupid Media stands as a distinguished and industry-leading niche online dating network, operating an extensive array of specialized dating sites that cater to various demographics based on factors such as ethnicity, religion, physical appearance, special interests, lifestyle, and more.

When I joined Cupid Media, their legacy Android application was based on utilizing a webview. Recognizing the immense potential and benefits that Flutter offered, I lead the migration process, building the entire application from scratch using Flutter’s framework.

This allowed the company to migrate their existing 32 legacy Android applications to a modernized Flutter application without interruption of theit services, migrating all existing users to the new application. As well, this untapped the possibility to have new iOS application, which has been published for sever of their existing properties.

As the sole Flutter developer for the majority of the project’s duration, I assumed full responsibility for the development, and implementation of Cupid Media’s applications. This included delivering 32 distinct variations of the Android application, and another 7 different for iOS, each customize using flavors and a extensive build system, allowing us to create a template that can be targetted to multiple sites.

Some of the highlights of the codebase include:

  • Use of Provider and Flutter Bloc as the State Management solution.
  • Use of built_value for immutable data handling.
  • Custom theming using targets and flavors.
  • Creation of Unit and Widget tests.
  • Automated build and deployment pipeline with Fastlane.

Together with Flutter, the following features have been implemented:

  • Real time communication with Pusher.
  • In-app purchases.
  • Push notifications.
  • Integration with marketing analytics tools.
  • Integration with fraud detection tools.

As the sole Flutter developer until 2023, when we incorporated a second developer, I not only took charge of the technical aspects of the project but also actively collaborated with stakeholders to understand their requirements and deliver tailored solutions. This involved close communication with the Cupid Media team, actively seeking feedback, and ensuring alignment with their vision and goals, facilitating the seamless integration of Flutter into Cupid Media’s overall development strategy.

In summary, my time as a Flutter contractor with Cupid Media Pty Ltd has been marked by transformative contributions, driving the migration from legacy systems to a cutting-edge Flutter framework. By delivering multiple applications, all with a single codebase built using Flutter, I have helped Cupid Media to expand their reach, enhance user experiences, and establish a strong precense in the niche online dating industry.

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